Living Lab

              Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world. There are more than 17,000  islands, of which 9,000 have not been named and 6,000 are uninhabited. As an archipelagic  country. 

            Garut is a district in West Java Province, Indonesia. Directly adjacent to Bandung and  traversed by the Southern Line of Java Island, this district is widely known in West Java. As we  know Garut Regency consists of 42 sub-districts, 21 sub-districts, and more than 400 villages.  Garut Regency is one of the leading tourism destinations in West Java, such as hot springs,  beaches, mountains, which are certainly no less beautiful than tourist attractions in other  regions. 

            So the ITB seed center in collaboration with the Technische Universität München  university from Germany began to develop a living lab at SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia by  creating an open innovation ecosystem because I saw that SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia has 3  springs that do not stop, has 7 seven fishponds, 300 people at the school , and 200-300  households around the school. 

            The ITB seed center began to develop innovations by utilizing the existing ecosystem, by  making solar power, which in the future aims to help supply electricity for businesses around  SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia so that they can reduce the costs they incur, considering that  there are many business places such as SMEs jelly, wooden frames, lodging, and supplying  electricity for the school itself.  

(Picture of solar power developed by seed center ITB at SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia)

            In addition, 3 springs have begun to be managed to become clean water that  has been filtered so that it is ready to be distributed to people who need to buy it, of  course at competitive prices.

(six pictures above explain from three springs in SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia, processing, and filtering until it becomes clean water)

           In the future, the ITB seed center will also plant hydroponic plants. Hydroponics is  one of the methods in plant cultivation by utilizing water without using soil media. Of course  in the future, the ITB seed center will also try to develop or provide training to the  surrounding community so that it can reduce the number of unemployed and empower the  surrounding community.


                    (four pictures above. the potential for empowering the surrounding community to help  people, planet, and profit)