Seed Center ITB Living Lab

SEED CENTER ITB Living Laboratory (Living Lab) is a Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at Garut, Jawa Barat Indonesia which is located in SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia. the Living Lab is to develop and test innovative renewable energy and entrepreneurship in a real-life context.

The entire community around SMPIT Wasilah intelligence, SEED CENTER ITB, TUM, all users,  and all stakeholders involved in the development process in exploring Solar Power Plants  (PLTS) are innovations that utilize energy from sunlight to produce electrical energy. SMPIT  Wasilah has three springs and SEED CENTER ITB has made tools to be processed into clean wate. The two pillars of Energy and Water can facilitate the development of a circular society.  The goal that SEED CENTER ITB wants is to help the community in the area so that they can  contribute to sustainability by generating economic, social and environmental benefits for  the community around SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia.

Project Coordination

Principal of Power Engineering Interest Group
Prof. Suwarno

Scientific Director

Professor of Entrepreneurship
Prof. Wawan Dhewanto

Scientific Advisor

Assoc. Professor of Electric Power Engineering
Dr. Nanang Hariyanto

Scientific Director

Business and Management
Dr.rer.pol. A. Fajar Hendarman

Project Coordinator

Electrical Engineering (Power Systems)
Dr. Fathin Saifur Rahman

Project Coordinator

Sponsor and Collaborator