SEED CENTER ITB continues to develop a mini network of entrepreneurship support at SMPIT  Wasilah Intelegensia, which will be present in the near future is a hydroponic plant that is  being built on an area of 25 M x 10 M in the form of a green house. This hydroponics will later  be planted with Large Chilies, Small chilies, Green onions, Bok Choi, etc. as we know that  SMPIT Wasilah Intelegensia has abundant water resources and PV electricity has also been  built so that it supports hydroponic planting as a mini network that is mutually utilized by  each other because hydroponics itself works by controlling environmental conditions, water,  and sunlight.

             When hydroponics has been successfully developed, SEED CENTER ITB will also empower the  surrounding community to participate in all existing activities so that economic development  opportunities for rural communities can be achieved, as a catalyst for socio-economic development. The harvest from this hydroponic plant varies, some ranging from 1-3 months  (depending on the plant itself) which is recommended for this harvest to be marketed  internally at the Islamic boarding school so there is no need to buy from outside SMPIT  Wasilah Intelegensia but can directly buy from SEED CENTER ITB hydroponic plants develop.  Meanwhile, for the external market, SEED CENTER ITB will look for markets such as  minimarkets, hotels and resorts, or MSME in the Garut area